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Cleanscrape Belt Cleaners

The new belt cleaning technology

It’s distinctive 3D helix design is diagonally fitted to the discharge drum, and always stays in touch with the conveyor belt independently of the belt contours. This technique requires very little tension, giving CleanScrape its superior cleaning effect and allowing it to be used on mechanical fasteners without having to continuously adjust its tips.

The flexible blade comprises of two rows of tungsten carbide tips moulded in a scalloped FRAS rubber segment. The top row of overlapping tips provides the scraping capacity and is interconnected through sets of steel spring componentry to the bottom supporting row of tips.

Tensioning system

The blade is held in place on the conveyor belt through two tensioned stainless steel cables running internally across the blade while pressing the tips firmly on the belt.

The cables are connected to a robust but simple spring tensioning system located on either side of the conveyor chute providing a consistent tension on all tips of the blade. As the blade diagonally follows the running direction of the belt, the tension required to obtain an excellent cleaning effect is much less than conventional belt cleaners.


CleanScrape primary can be used on a wide range of applications ie. Rubber or PVC, low or high speed, smooth or coarsely worn belts, caring dry, wet, fine, coarse, adverse chemicals and abrasive materials

CleanScrape is proven to be extremely successful in industries like Coal, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Hard rock, Wood, Salt, Lime, Gold, Clay etc.

CleanScrape comes in 3 blade sizes and 5 types of tungsten carbide tips to suite various applications

Tungsten Type

TU01 – Suitable for all less abrasive materials and low belt speeds and suitable on mechanical belt fasteners.
TU02 – Suitable for moderate abrasive materials and medium belt speeds and also suitable for mechanical belt fasteners.
TU03 – Suitable for highly abrasive materials and high speed belts, not recommended on mechanical fasteners.
TU04 – Suitable for extremely abrasive materials and high speed belts, not recommended on mechanical fasteners.
TU05 – Suitable for adverse chemical applications.

Features & Benefits

Flexible rubber light weight system

Helix Design

Tungsten Cabide Tips

Low Spring Tensioning System

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